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7 OSI Layer Protection

We include a real-time, automatic, and active non-linear protection with each of our hosting plans. A proactive Linux server protection system that is used by more than 35,000 server managers and is controlled from a single, simple panel. Various modules, including IP Reputation, Web Honeypot, WAF 2.0, Malware Detection, Port Honeypot, DoS Detection, Log Analysis, and Defense Robot, are in place to keep you safe.

Scalable Hosting Plans

Guarantees that accounts are stable under all circumstances and prevents variations in resource utilization. Utilized by the LVE kernel level module to regulate the RAM and CPU and prevent a single user from utilizing the full server resource.

Outbound Email Protection

A proactive algorithm that guards against spam damage, deliverability problems, and security from spam and phishing emails. Spammers are identified and stopped with the aid of the cloud-based SMTP relay service Outbound Filtering to ensure reliable email delivery. Outbound filtering can solve email delivery problems caused by IP address blocklisting. Automate the termination of compromised scripts and accounts to improve your security.

Inbound Email Protection

This anti-spam technology has already provided protection to millions of users worldwide. Millions of mailboxes are currently protected by inbound email security, and it works with most mail servers used by the hosting industry. It recognizes spam when the SMTP handshake is being established thanks to integration with the native SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA). It filters spam rather than using the overhead of filtering and also gives you more Zero Day defense against new attackers.

24/7 Data Center Support

All of our servers are hosted in a sizable, well-known datacenter in Tampa, Florida, USA, and our facility is constantly watched to make sure all servers are online. When it comes to their servers, many businesses today cut corners. At VERAHOST, we always use the most recent, highest-caliber servers available to make sure that your website loads incredibly quickly. Through a secure VPN connection, our systems engineers in the Philippines have direct access to all facilities for quick and easy server and network management.

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