Acceptable Usage Policy

In order to assist its customers in maintaining an online presence that is useful in their informational and commercial pursuits, VeraHost offers cloud hosting and dedicated services. The rules contained in this Acceptable Usage Policy are acknowledged and agreed to by using services from VeraHost.PH or submitting an online order form (AUP). VeraHost is not obligated to keep an eye on or regulate the actions of its customers, and any abuse of VeraHost is not its fault.


Introduction, Purpose and General Terms

Customers can discover more about VeraHost and the goods and services it provides by reading this section. The client acknowledges acceptance of the terms, conditions, and notices of this policy by using this site and any other sites or services owned, operated or offered by VeraHost.
In addition to the Terms of Registration, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other legal documents, such as signed contracts and project documents deemed relevant to providing hosting and/or domain registration services, this Acceptable Usage Policy is used to present the principles, guidelines, and requirements governing the client's use of VeraHost's services and products. The services provided by VeraHost must abide by local, national, and international regulations, as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy.
VeraHost maintains the right to set fair rules and guidelines regarding the utilization of the services it provides. The client agrees that VeraHost is entitled to reasonable changes to the services it provides, including but not limited to pricing, acceptable usage, and content.
When it believes it necessary to safeguard the interests of VeraHost and its customers, VeraHost reserves the right to transfer accounts to another server without the owner's consent.


Content and Lawful Use

VeraHost won't modify, keep track of, or censor the content housed on any of its servers. Clients are therefore accountable for any content they upload.
Although VeraHost cannot and will not monitor all customer information and content, all services offered by VeraHost must only be utilized for legal activities. VeraHost shall abide by any legal directives from public authorities or private organizations having the power to impose penalties on domain and hosting accounts. It must obey any legal directives issued by the Philippine government or any other government that is subject to international law, as well as any legal directives issued to private companies like Hivelocity Ventures Corp., SoftLayer Technologies, Inc., and eNom, Inc. VeraHost must also abide by demands from anti-fraud or anti-cybercrime organizations to suspend, delete, or gather information on suspect accounts that have been discovered engaging in fraudulent or unlawful activity.
To safeguard the interests of system users, encrypted materials may be examined. VeraHost reserves the right, in need to safeguard other users on the server, to remove encrypted files, transfer them to another server, or suspend, or terminate an account.
VeraHost won't be held responsible for any violations the client might make or for any losses, including lost revenue or savings, as well as other incidental, consequential, punitive, or extraordinary damage as a result of the hosting services due to events beyond its reasonable control.
On all VeraHost servers, examples of banned content include:
-Prime banks programs
-Hacker-focused sites/archives/programs
-Sites promoting illegal activities
-Illegal gambling sites
-Banner-ad services (commercial banner ad rotation)
-Downloadable media files, i.e. movies, music, animated content
-Image hosting scripts (similar to PhotoBucket or tinypic)
-AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites
-IP Scanners
-Bruteforce programs/scripts/applications
-Black Hat SEO related content
-Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers
-Video or audio streaming sites, download sites, or sites that stores files that are not meant for web publication
-Pirated software/warez
-IRC Scripts/Bots
-Fraudulent sites, (Including, but not limited to sites listed at &
-Push button mail scripts
-File dump/mirror scripts (similar to RapidShare)
-Commercial audio streaming (more than one or two streams)
-Escrow/bank debentures -High-yield interest programs (HYIP) or related sites
-Investment sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, second life/linden exchange, Ponzi, MLM/pyramid scheme)
-Broadcast or streaming of live sporting events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc)
-Sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit(s)
-Spam scripts
-Link farms
-Defamatory contents, gender discriminatory contents, contents / URL / codes that contains words that are obscene, socially unacceptable, immorality, taboo, racial discriminatory, and other offensive languages as deemed unsuitable for business web publication by VeraHost.
-Forums and/or websites that distribute or link to warez/pirated/illegal content
-Anonymous or bulk SMS gateways
VeraHost maintains the right to assess if a domain name, URL, embedded code, image, or animation violates these contents directly or indirectly. VeraHost additionally retains the right to suspend any suspicious accounts immediately and without prior notice, particularly when there are signs of potential misuse or attack. Additionally, VeraHost reserves the right to suspend accounts with encrypted data and in cases where there are signs that the accounts could be used as launching pads for attacks.


VeraHost No-Spam Policy

The VeraHost No-Spam Policy is outlined in this section, and customers are expected to abide by it.
VeraHost permits the usage of newsletters and mailing scripts but discourages sending unsolicited emails.
The customer may report any breach of the No-Spam Policy if another person unintentionally receives unsolicited commercial electronic mail by following the guidelines provided in the section on reporting abuses and violations.
Spam, also known as junk email, spam email, or mass email, is described by VeraHost as an email that is typically sent for business or commercial purposes to one or more recipients with whom there is no prior professional or personal contact. The majority of the time, I get these unwanted texts every day.
According to its discretion or after receiving instructions from authorities, VeraHost reserves the right to warn the client to remove the complaining party from its mailing list, to completely halt or to stop sending unsolicited emails.
A shared hosting server's other clients may experience problems if a dedicated IP address is blocked by specific RBLs or a mail provider as a result of the sending of mass emails. Therefore, only ENTERPRISE CLOUD options that provide accounts with their own dedicated IP address are able to send bulk mail.
As much as mass mail transmission is restricted to 100 messages per hour and a maximum of 500 recipients in the mailing list unless one is hosted in a dedicated server, sending bulk emails uses a significant amount of CPU and memory. Please submit a support issue if the client needs to send more than these amounts.
VeraHost reserves the right to change the password of an email account being used as a relay to stop mass mail sending, suspend an account, or take any other action necessary to prevent a system overload if mass mail sending is using too much processing power. This is done to protect other Clients hosted in shared hosting accounts.


Domain Registration and Renewals

The client is responsible for keeping track of the renewal dates of domains registered with VeraHost. VeraHost is not responsible for domain expirations brought on by a failure to pay registration or renewal costs or a failure to notify the client.
The client understands that if the domain name registration is not renewed within a predetermined time frame, it will be considered abandoned and may then become available for purchase and registration by another party.
VeraHost maintains the right to deny any request to transfer a domain name away from VeraHost for any reason, including but not limited to the following:
* No answer from the administrative contact or the owner of the registered name;
* Domain name is locked by the registrar and the registered name holder or administrative contact has not requested a change in the status;
* The domain name registration term time will expire in less than 60 days or will be subject to other restrictions, excluding the initial 60 days of registration or the initial 60 days following a registrar transfer.
* Client agrees and recognizes that a domain name transfer's success or failure will be entirely his/her responsibility and that VeraHost will not be held responsible for a domain name transfer's failure for any reason.
* Domain registration fees are also non-refundable. Customers must acquire the domain name before you can be sure it is exactly what they want to buy and that it is spelled correctly.


Violations of Acceptable Usage Policy

The following are the infractions brought on by improper usage of VeraHost services.
It would be illegal to use services to carry out an act that was obviously against the law in the state. This includes distributing, publishing, storing, or displaying data or information that facilitates the processing of unlawful goods and services, terrorism, or other activities of a similar nature.
Other offenses include money laundering, identity theft through phishing or other methods, copyright and trademark infringement, gambling, defamation, improper disclosure of trade secrets, pornography involving minors, vulgar language, spamming, the distribution of harmful viruses, and threats and harassment.
Suspension and termination without prior notice are grounds for using domain and hosting services to publish materials covered by copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, and other applicable laws as well as transmit, store, and display illegal or obscene content.
Other actions not described above but judged harmful to other clients and network operations must be dealt with on an individual basis.


Privacy of Data

Regarding data and interactions between and inside its servers, VeraHost ensures privacy. In accordance with current Philippine laws and regulations, such as R.A., all data are handled in a confidential manner. R.A. 10173 or both 10175, if appropriate, and shall not in any way be made available to third parties unless specifically authorized by a court of law.
Reporting of Violations and Abuses
VeraHost encourages the beneficial use of our services to support organizations in achieving their objectives. VeraHost nevertheless appeals to internet users' attention and cooperation in reporting violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy.
Here is where reports of violations can be made. Include any proof of the infringement in the report so we can confirm your complaints.


Addressing Complaints

Upon receiving reports, VeraHost reserves the right to launch an investigation at its own discretion. VeraHost, the client's hosting provider, maintains the right to take action to stop any of the aforementioned infractions and abuses. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, VeraHost may take any of the following actions without prior notice after verifying complaints:
Warning is given either orally or in writing
Content that violates this AUP is removed
Service Suspension
Services are Terminated


Account Policies and Cancellation

Customers must either file a formal request here or terminate their domain and/or hosting services within the client area. VeraHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on cancellations made within the first 30 days of service. After the specified time, cancellations are no longer refundable. The domain registration fees paid are not refundable.


Revisions to this Acceptable Usage Policy

VeraHost maintains the right to update, alter, or change this policy as necessary to meet registration requirements and stay current with industry developments. The Client recognizes and agrees to be bound by the updates, revisions, or amendments by using the VeraHost services after they become effective.


Code of Conduct

VeraHost is made to meet the web hosting requirements of the majority of businesses, especially small, independently held businesses. Clients are required to adopt adequate security measures, particularly to protect the privacy of their passwords and other access credentials. Periodic password changes for VeraHost hosting client accounts are encouraged, although it is highly advised to store the login information in a secure location to avoid forgetting the credentials. The CAN-SPAM Act and the Cybercrime Prevention Act must be followed when using a VeraHost hosting account.


Prohibited scripts, software, and misuse of system resources

Any behavior that endangers the resources of a VeraHost server, whether purposefully or inadvertently, is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of CPU-intensive software, improper use of server space, unauthorized resale, unauthorized access to remote systems, and the use of a shared hosting account's email for the periodic or continuous sending or receiving of system notifications to numerous recipients. IRC, CGI, PHP-based shell scripts, web proxy scripts, and other scripts and tools intended for unauthorized access to a website, server, or channel, as well as other related goals, are forbidden and will result in account suspension and termination. Online training, forums, listing of real estate properties, and other scripts may be used as long as the traffic is reasonable for a shared resource, the average sending limit for emails to members is 400 per hour, and shared or dedicated IP addresses are not being blocked by RBLs or well-known mail providers. If an account is utilizing more resources than the typical business use case for the package, VeraHost reserves the right to evaluate if an upgrade or transfer to another virtual machine or server is necessary.


Computing Resource

Customers of VeraHost are not permitted to copy the following since doing so could lead to account termination without a refund. Utilization of any distributed computing tool, including but not restricted to SETI@home, Node Zero, and Folding@home. Run any kind of resource-intensive interactive real-time chat program. However, remotely hosted services are completely permitted. You can run stand-alone, unattended server-side operations at any moment. All daemons fall within this category. Run any application that connects to an IRC network (Internet Relay Chat). Run any file-sharing, bit-torrent, or other peer-to-peer network services, client or server software, including but not limited to gaming, inventory management, high-volume transactional databases, high-volume file upload/download scripts, and other unconventional business website applications. Run any gaming servers, including those for The Line, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield 1492. using email to receive automated and heavy email notifications from a third-party system or server, or using email as a catch-all for forwarded emails originating from different servers.


Bandwidth and Storage Use

VeraHost wants to offer a sizable amount of disk space and bandwidth for the storing and transit of web documents. Clients who violate this by utilizing VeraHost hosting services as an off-site repository for digital files unrelated to websites, backup space, multimedia streaming, client-server applications such as P2P network services, gaming, forums, or portals, or other non-standard business website applications, may be charged for overuse. Depending on the plan selected, the client agrees to use the permitted bandwidth. No portion of the allocated bandwidth may be carried over to the following month. If an account violates this AUP, VeraHost reserves the right to suspend and cancel it or to transfer it to another server run by VeraHost in order to safeguard other accounts. Storage is the amount of data that is kept in a user's account, including emails and email attachments, media files, scripts, web files, media files, and pretty much anything else that is posted to the user's home directory and its subdirectories. Every account, excluding Unlimited Cloud Packages, has a specific amount of storage space, measured in gigabytes. In addition to these restrictions, VeraHost also sets a limit on the number of files that can be kept in a single account. sometimes referred to as the iNode limit.


Unlimited Cloud Packages

Insofar as the client's use of storage conforms with these conditions, VeraHost does not impose arbitrary restrictions on the amount of disk space a client may utilize for the client's website or levy additional fees in response to increasing storage use. However, it should be mentioned that the VeraHost service is made for hosting websites. VeraHost does not offer limitless capacity for the backup, archiving, or online storage of electronic files, documents, log files, and the like. If a client violates this policy, their account may be terminated with or without prior warning. Accounts with a lot of files, or an inode count over 150,000, are not permitted in a shared hosting environment since they can negatively impact server performance. Similar to this, accounts with excessive MySQL/PostgreSQL table usage—more than 1000 database tables, for example—or database size—more than 3GB of total MySQL/PostgreSQL usage or 2GB of MySQL/PostgreSQL usage in a single database—have a severe impact on the server's performance. To maintain proper performance, VeraHost may ask that the number of files/inodes, database tables, or overall database usage is reduced; otherwise, VeraHost will cancel the client's account, with or without prior warning.
In order to prevent website owners from abusing the unmetered packages and depleting server resources, unlimited cloud hosting packages have lower CPU and RAM consumption, which makes them less suitable for commercial websites with moderate to high traffic. Packages included in our unlimited cloud plan are also not intended for use with applications like file sharing, bulk emailing, video and image storage, backup storage, chat servers, and streaming audio and video. VeraHost advises choosing either a BUSINESS CLOUD or ENTERPRISE CLOUD package for frequent business site and email hosting because Unlimited Cloud packages cannot be given a dedicated IP address.
VeraHost maintains the right to decide whether or not its service packages are a good fit for a client's needs, and as such, it will take steps to guarantee client adherence to the above.


Internet Etiquettes

Clients are not permitted to act in an unlawful, abusive, or careless manner, including :
Unauthorized use or access to data, systems, or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan, or test a system's or network's susceptibility to compromise security or authentication measures (including those that belong to VeraHost and its clients) without the owner of the system or network's express consent; monitoring any network or system's data or traffic without the network's or system's owner's consent; interference with a user's, host's, or network's ability to receive service, including, without limitation, mail bombing, flooding, intentional overloading of a system, and broadcast attacks; use of a computer or Internet account without the owner's consent, including but not restricted to port scanning, password robbery, security hole scanning, and internet scanning (which involves luring others into disclosing their credentials); any TCP-IP packet header, or information contained in any header information, being forged in an email or newsgroup posting; or any actions that could lead to reprisals against the VeraHost network. Using VeraHost's network for hosting in a way that unfairly interferes with how other customers use it.